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Bharuch District Management Association was founded in 1983 and had its own office premise in later years., again revitalized during 1994-95. BDMA is vibrant LMAs (Local Management Associations) of All India Management Association (AIMA), BDMA is actively playing role in building Bharuch District which is one of the most vibrant industrial zone of the country. After industrial growth of Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Panoli, Jhagadia and Kosamba, evolution of Dahej story is fast unfolding and it will firmly set Bharuch District on the road to become an industrial and economic giant.

By virtue of its contribution towards enhancing the professional competence of managerial community across Bharuch District for two & half decades, BDMA has acquired a unique position in Bharuch District. Individual members are about 800 and Corporate Members of BDMA are about 100.

Investment in Bharuch District has crossed Rs. One Lac Crores and this is one of the highest in the country as a District wise Investment, making BDMA’s  role even more essential in sustaining the allround growth.

Presidential Address

Dear BDMA Members,


I take this opportunity to thank all my well-wishers and supporter for entrusting and electing me as president of Bharuch District Management Association (BDMA) for FY 2012-13. I am honored and very much pleased to have the opportunity to work with BDMA. On this occasion I want to congratulate and seek blessing from my predecessor Shri Ashok Panjwaniji who kept the flare of flying by his robust and able leadership. To me, the uniqueness and power of BDMA lies in its managing committee and core committee as it comes from inimitable personalities from different professions and different expertise.

BDMA shall continue to hold evening talks, conduct Management Development Program, Book Lovers Forum, industry visit, study tours, CEO Forum and issuing our quarterly magazine E-Panorama. Over and above this we would look forward to organize special lecture series by renowned personalities on topics like Performance Management, Talent Management, and Achieving Excellence. In this we need support from BDMA members to identify distinguished speakers and also bring them to Bharuch.

My view is that we should do a better job of acknowledging that we are all industrial management professionals and work to strengthen the visibility and rigor of the management institution in the on growing industries in Bharuch district. We need to stimulate BDMA and bring in more vibration by creating strong relationship between industry and BDMA. We need to plan our Management Development Programs based on the recent requirement of industrial fraternity. Training solution tailored for their needs will help in developing strong bonding. I urge members to suggest the programs that we should take up in this year. Other area we as a team need to work upon to increase the membership in BDMA. By conducting forums for young managers we can popularize BDMA amongst fresh managers. One of the possibilities is to introduce a competition for young managers similar to one conducted by Baroda Management Association.

It is delighted to know that Bharuch District Management Association in 2012 takes leap of its 30 years of existence in the journey of excellence. BDMA is a prominent organized body of Management Professionals in the district fostering and enhancing excellence in Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership development. Over the past three decades, it has played a catalytic role in the evolution of new management ethos in Bharuch District. Considering this opportunity BDMA will look forward to hold a seminar on “Indian Economy: Today and Tomorrow”. We are looking forward to invite eminent speakers from various parts of countries. I am sure this event will work as a catalyst to enhance the image of BDMA in this region.

Dear Professionals I once again urge each member – professional, institutional, life or even non-members to come forward and contribute. Continue to bless us with your ideas, time and energy. Your support will be a major source of inspiration to work together to achieve excellence for BDMA. Your support will be great moral booster for me to make BDMA vibrant and kicking.  I am confident that each of you will carefully consider my request and do what you can to support. Best support is to participate in various activities of BDMA. Your participation will create certain optimism to achieve our vision for BDMA.


I would be delighted to hear from you.

Jai Hind

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